(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
v. t. solicit, invite; curry favor, cultivate, cajole, praise; woo, sue, make love to. Informal, spark. — n. enclosure, [court]yard, quadrangle, patio; tribunal, bench, bar, jurisdiction, session; courtship, addresses, attention; palace, hall; retinue, following, train. See endearment, enclosure, fashion, flattery, lawsuit, servant, abode, council, judgment.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [An enclosed, roofless area]
Syn. square, courtyard, quadrangle, quad*, enclosure, atrium, forum, patio, plaza, piazza, common(s), close, cloister; see also yard 1 .
2. [An instrument for administering justice]
Syn. tribunal, forum, bench, bar, session, court of law, law court, judiciary, assizes, chancery, seat of justice; see also judiciary .
Types of courts include: the Supreme Court, appellate court, Federal court, court of Chancery, court of equity, district court, county court, municipal court, probate court, traffic court, justice's court, magistrate's court, mayor's court, police court, military court, trial court, court of appeals.
3. [The home of a court, sense 2]
Syn. courthouse, justice building, court building, hall of justice, courtroom, federal building, county courthouse, municipal building, city hall, town hall.
4. [A sovereign and his or her surroundings]
Syn. retinue, lords and ladies, ladies in waiting, attendants, suite, royal persons, staff, train, royal residence, palace, castle, hall, royal household, entourage; see also government 2 , palace , royalty , ruler 1 .
5. [An area for playing certain games]
Syn. rink, ring, lists, cockpit, circus, the hardwood*; see also arena , field 2 .
pay court to,
Syn. woo, court, solicit; see court 1 .
1. [To woo]
Syn. invite, bid, solicit, address, beseech, entice, attract, allure, entreat, importune, sue for, pursue, follow, seek after, make suit, supplicate, plead, make love to, pay court to, pay attentions to, seek the hand of, pay one's addresses to, flirt with, philander, coquet, make overtures, make advances, go courting, propose, make a proposal, ask in marriage, set one's cap for*, pop the question*, chase*, run after*, make time with*, go steady*, go together*, go with*, make a play for*; see also accompany 1 , date 2 , flirt 1 , woo 1 .
2. [To seek favor]
Syn. cultivate, curry favor, attend, flatter; see grovel , praise 1 , woo 2 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
1. courtyard enclosure, quadrangle, plaza, square, patio, atrium.
2. attendants entourage, staff, retinue, cortege.
3. court of law court of justice, judiciary, bench, bar, forum, tribunal, municipal building, hall of justice.
action: suit
appearance before judge without formal trial: hearing
arrest order for failure to appear: bench warrant
blatant show of disrespect for court rules: contempt of court
bond forfeited if accused fails to show up for court: bail
calendar of cases: docket
court order: injunction
court system: judiciary
DA: district attorney, prosecutor
damages awarded beyond plaintiff’s loss to punish defendant: punitive damages, exemplary damages, double damages
decision: judgment
decision won without proceedings, for failure of one party to show: default judgment
defendant’s suit against plaintiff: countersuit, counterclaim
defending party in a court action: defendant
disposition of case by negotiating guilty plea for lesser charge: plea bargaining
fail to appear after posting bail: jump bail
faulty trial that is voided: mistrial
filer of court action: plaintiff, petitioner
general jurisdiction court: superior court
hearing of charges, entering of plea by accused: arraignment
hears appeals from lower court decisions: court of appeals
higher court that reviews lower court decisions: appellate court
highest: Supreme Court
inquiry, judicial: inquest
intermediary who settles cases out of court: mediator
judge’s private room: chambers
jury, citizen’s obligation to serve on: jury duty
jury member: juror
jury member’s verdict, surveying each: polling the jury
jury’s decision: verdict
jury selection process: impaneling
jury spokesman: foreman
jury, trial without: bench trial
jury, twelve-member: petit jury, jury
jury, 12-23 members, evaluates accusations, returns indictments: grand jury
jury unable to reach consensus: hung jury
jury, unethical contact with by lawyer: jury tampering
lawyer: counsel, attorney, barrister (Brit.), solicitor (Brit.), advocate
lawyer provided by government for the poor: public defender
lawyer’s assistant: paralegal
local criminal and civil court: municipal court
location/jurisdiction: venue
loss claimed by plaintiff: damages
lowest court, holds sessions at different places: circuit court
lying while under oath: perjury
military court proceedings: court-martial
minor claims court: small claims court
officer/guard who maintains order in courtroom: bailiff
order to appear in court: subpoena, summons
order to arrest someone: warrant
order to restrict comments about case outside court: gag order
order to search a location for evidence: search warrant
party to a lawsuit: litigant
pledge to tell nothing but the truth: oath
present or argue a case in court: plead
private suit: civil action
punishment handed down by judge: sentence
questioning of opposing party witness by lawyer: cross examination
retrial from lower court to higher: appeal
ruling, plea for: motion
seat of judge: bench
seat of witness while testifying: witness stand, witness box
similar earlier case used as model in later case: precedent
simulated trial by law students: moot court
suit filed on behalf of a group: class action suit
suspend proceedings: adjourn, recess
suspension of sentencing: stay
sworn statement: affidavit
transcribes court proceedings word for word: court reporter, stenographer
unsanctioned court that ignores appropriate legal procedures: kangaroo court
will and estate processing court: probate court, surrogate court
witness who is absolutely vital: material witness
witness who is biased against opponent: hostile witness
witness’s pretrial statement given while under oath: deposition
written statement charging one with crime: indictment
see law
woo, pursue, keep company with, date, take out, curry favor with, pander to, flatter, blandish, cajole, fawn over, *brown-nose, *kiss up to.
ANT.: reject, shun, avoid
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I noun 1. An area partially or entirely enclosed by walls or buildings: atrium, close, courtyard, enclosure, quad, quadrangle, yard. See PLACE. 2. A judicial assembly: bar, tribunal. See LAW. II verb 1. To behave so as to bring on (danger, for example): invite, provoke, tempt. See SEEK. 2. To attempt to gain the affection of: pursue, spark2, woo. Informal: romance. See SEEK, SEX.

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